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Welcome to Lift Pilates + Post Rehab, the #1 Pilates Studio in the Sacramento Area

The premier "fitness" and post-rehabilitative Pilates studio in the area, Lift Pilates is proud to have been voted Best Pilates Studio in the greater Sacramento area. We are located at 803 2nd Street, Suite C, on the 2nd Floor, in downtown Davis, California.

Last January we expanded our studio giving us over 1,000 square feet. We still have that "urban loft" feeling with lots of natural light, bamboo floors and plain white walls. Our looks out into the trees, which gives it even more of a light, soothing, and happy feeling. We have an expanded Barre program (Barre Sculpt) taught by fitness guru Rachel Kane, who also teaches a dynamic yoga class called "Yoga Sculpt." Additionally, we have partnered with Balanced Body (pilates.com) and will be the place to go to for Barre training in the greater Sacramento area~for instructors and students alike!

We help women and men develop an exercise program for life. We help them to continue exercising as they get older and to feel good about themselves both physically and mentally. Pilates helps you develop long, lean, flexible muscles and movable joints. Some of our clients are athletes and others simply want to be able to put on their shoes and bend over to get their morning paper! Everybody and every body type are welcome at Lift Pilates.

Our beautiful studio utilizes state-of-the art Pilates equipment by Balanced Body (pilates.com) and STOTT PILATES (merrithew.com) and our skilled instructors provide both "fitness" Pilates and "post rehab" Pilates (we are also able to blend these two very different modalities!). Our instructors have many years of experience (over 35 years between us!) and are brilliant at finding the right words and imagery to help you get that "aha" moment many times!

We offer Private Pilates sessions, duet Pilates sessions, group classes on the Reformers, chairs and barrels, and group Pilates mat classes (we like to call them "Real Pilates Mat"!) We are very excited to offer two relatively new classes~Yoga Sculpt and Barre Sculpt, as well as private yoga and barre training.

We custom tailor workouts just for you based on your unique posture, and we provide you with an optimal exercise program designed for your personal fitness level and needs. You will find that Pilates helps you move more easily, with more strength, flexibility and better posture. We’re looking forward to meeting you and teaching you this wonderful form of exercise called Pilates!

Lift Pilates is also a post-rehab Pilates studio and specializes in helping clients with lower back pain. We are known in the area as the place to go to for a "bad back"!

Why Lift Pilates?

Lift Pilates incorporates modern exercise principles, and applies proven and accepted practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Lift Pilates offers a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph H. Pilates. Lift Pilates instructors have the depth of knowledge necessary to teach effective group and personal training programs to clients of any age or fitness level  from post-rehabilitation patients to elite athletes.

Post-Rehab Pilates/Specialty Pilates

Pain-Free Posture/Lower Back Pain

Our instructors specialize in lower back pain associated with most lower back problems, including facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal instability, degenerative disc disease, herniated interverteberal disc, osteoarthritis, spinal fusions or sacroiliac dysfunction. When necessary, we communicate with your health care provider on an ongoing basis, increasing the likelihood of you regaining and improving your strength and stability. We also specializes in Posture Analysis, Gait Training, teaching postural awareness, how to stabilize the spine in all planes of movement, how to access the deep core muscles and perform movements that are smooth and effortless. Our goal is to help you get out of pain.

NEW at Lift Pilates

Positional Release Bodywork with Sonjia Chevalier

This gentle bodywork technique requires no disrobing and helps to release chronic muscle contractions, which cause nerve pain and structural imbalance. It aids relief from such issues as headaches, neck pain, low back pain and sciatica, by facilitating the body to have a spontaneous release of the muscle tissue. A great compliment to Pilates, positional release bodywork helps the muscles move properly again, so they can lengthen and strengthen through the Pilates practice. It also compliments the Yoga Sculpt and Barre Sculpt exercise methods offered at Lift Pilates. New clients receive $10 off their first session.

Contact Sonjia to book your bodywork appointment. sonjiaweimer@sbcglobal.net

Lift Pilates is on the





3 BARRE Sculpt/YOGA Sculpt/REAL  Pilates Mat Classes for $29
($60 value)

You may use your Barre/Yoga/Mat Class Pass for all 3 class types; pass is interchangeable. No need to purchase separate class passes.

3 Private Pilates Sessions  for $179  ($264 value)

3 Pilates Reformer/Springboard Classes* for $79  ($120 value)

You may use your Pilates Reformer/Springboard Class Pass for Pilates Reformer and/or Pilates Springboard; pass is interchangeable. No need to purchase separate class passes.

No Experience Necessary Reformer Class! (If you don't see "Beginning" before Pilates Reformer Classes, these require Private Lessons OR previous Pilates Reformer experience)

Beginning Pilates Reformer

Mondays 5:30PM & Wednesdays 4:30PM

Beginning Pilates Reformer class is perfect for new clients and those new to Pilates. We thoroughly cover the 5 Basic Principles so you can start building a strong foundation to your Pilates practice right away. You'll learn the difference between neutral spine and imprint, learn the Pilates breath, figure out how to move your arms while stabilizing your shoulders, and importantly, how to access your deep abdominal muscles in order to strengthen your deep core muscles along with your spine. Please sign up online/see our online schedule

Student Rates for Barre Sculpt/Yoga Sculpt & REAL Pilates Mat

  • $125 for 10 classes or
  • $15 per class
    (for full-time college or high school students)

READ about our BARRE Sculpt, YOGA Sculpt & REAL Pilates Mat Classes*

Please sign up online/see our online schedule
You may use your Barre/Yoga/Mat Class Pass for all 3 class types; pass is interchangeable. No need to purchase separate class passes.

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